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Covid 19 statement. January 2021.

Covid 19

Please note that our distributors have been in Tier 4, lockdown, for some months now due to the high instances of the new strain of Covid. This new strain is 70% more infactious and extreme care is being taken by our distributor. Staffing levels are lower than normal. At busy times they would normally take on extra staff but this is not happening because of the additional risk of bringing Covid into work which could result in the closure of the warehouse.

Orders are being packed with their normal care and efficient service but delays in getting orders out, and getting goods in put away, are being delayed due to the restrictions of working in a high risk Covid area.

We are all pulling together so please understand why orders are taking longer to reach you.

Keep calm, stay safe and let us all hope for a brighter future soon.

Andrew Rattray.