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Andrew's pick of the bunch.

East Coast Main Line Disasters.*

East Coast Main Line Disasters.*

One of Pendragon's 'Railways in Retrospect' series that gives powerful accounts of the rail disasters on the East-Coast Mainline from King's Cross to Edinburgh. This helped shape the future development of railway safety and examined human error and design failure, so travel became safer and faster.

Author: Adrian Gray.

Publisher: Pendragon.

Paperback. 96pp. 21cm by 27cm.

ISBN 9781899816194

Original Price: £17.50.

Price:    7.99 

Vulcan Boys.

Vulcan Boys.

From the Cold War to the Falklands. True tales of the iconic Delta V-Bomber.

Author: Toy Blackman.

Publisher: Grub Street.

Hardback. 224pp. 16cm by 24cm.

ISBN 9781909808089

Original Price: £20.00

Price:    6.99 

Vanator - Romanian Hunter.

Vanator - Romanian Hunter.

A detailed and comprehensive illustrated technical history of the I.A.R.80 and I.A.R.81 - Romanian World War II fighter and ground-attack aircraft.

Author: Radu Brinzan.

Publisher: MMP Books.

Hardback. 368pp. 21cm by 30cm.

ISBN 9788363678401

Original Price: £60.00

Price:    19.99