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Andrew's pick of the bunch.

Giants of the Seas.

Giants of the Seas.

The cruise ship market is a $30-billion industry, that now carries more than 20 million passengers annually, nor is there any signs of a slow down in the annual seven percent growth. What keeps the passengers coming in such huge numbers is not just the food, ports or entertainment, it's the ships themselves - the magnificent floating palaces or giants of the sea.

Author: Aaron Saunders.

Publisher: Seaforth

Hardback. 192pp. 20cm by 26cm.

ISBN 9781848321724

Original Price: £30.00.

Price:    7.99 

Middlebrook Guide to the Somme Battlefields.

Middlebrook Guide to the Somme Battlefields.

This superb guide book sets out to describe every place on the Somme where there is a military cemetery, memorial, preserved trench or crater, not just from the First World War but throughout the ages until the Allies swept away the Nazi armies during their 1944 advance. Written by a highly respected historian who knows the ground intimately.

Author: Martin & Mary Middlebrook.

Publisher: Pen & Sword.

Paperback. 383pp. 15cm by 23cm.

ISBN 9781473879072

Original Price: £14.99.

Price:    6.99