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Andrew's pick of the bunch.

British Buses 1945-1975.

British Buses 1945-1975.

Covering manufacturers, large and small, since the post war years.

Author: James Taylor.

Publisher: Herridge & Sons Ltd.

Hardback. 192pp. 22cm by 28cm.

ISBN 9781906133382

Original Price: £30.00

Price:    9.99 

Boeing 747 A History-Delivering the Dream.

Boeing 747 A History-Delivering the Dream.

The history of this celebrated aircraft, an exciting and comprehensive account.

Author: Martin W. Bowman.

Publisher: Pen and Sword.

Hardback. 256pp. 19cm by 26cm.

ISBN 9781848328747

Original Price: £25.00

Price:    9.99 

Swiss Straw Work.

Swiss Straw Work.

By capturing the intricacy and elegence of Swiss straw work designs, Veronica Main has preserved for us the very essence of an almost forgotten tradition. Beautiful illustrations on every page.

Author: Veronica Main

Publisher: Main Collins Publishing.

Paperback. 192pp. 21cm by 30cm.

ISBN 9780954179502

Original Price: £29.95

Price:    8.99