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Andrew's pick of the bunch.

Bearskins, Bayonets & Body Armour.

Bearskins, Bayonets & Body Armour.

A special centenary history of the Welsh Guards that traces their foundation in the First World War and their baptism of fire at the Battle of Loos in 1915, through fighting at Dunkirk, the Western Desert, Italy and Normandy in the Second World War, the Cold War, Northern Ireland, the Falklands, the Balkans, and the twenty-first century campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Author: Trevor Royle.

Publisher: Pen & Sword.

Hardback. 352pp. 22cm by 28cm.

ISBN 9781848327351

Original Price: £30.00.

Price:    12.99 

British Military Respirators and Anti-Gas Equipment of the Two World Wars.

British Military Respirators and Anti-Gas Equipment of the Two World Wars.

A useful full colour reference guide for the collector and all students of militaria. It provides a brief history of the development of gas warfare and equipment and also offers advice to those wishing to collect British military respirators and their associated paraphernalia.

Author: Thomas Mayer-Maguire and Brian Baker.

Publisher: Crowood.

Paperback. 64pp. 19cm by 26cm.

ISBN 9781847978875

Original Price: £10.95.

Price:    4.99 

British Rail Class 60 Locomotives.

British Rail Class 60 Locomotives.

A highly illustrated guide that explores the commissioning of the Class 60's and their construction, testing and running. It also undertakes an in-depth technical appraisal of the class and details , liveries, modifications and preservation and refurbishment of the locomotives.

Author: Edward Gleed.

Publisher: Crowood.

Hardback. 192pp. 22cm by 26cm.

ISBN 9781785001499

Original Price: £25.00.

Price:    9.99